Melissa Jill  Hi Rachel! Great questions! Now that I'm shooting film, this workflow is pushed back by approximately 2 weeks. But I still do everything in the same order. So blog post with my favorites first, then album design, then full gallery. As long as I manage my client's expectations up front, this works really great and is still reasonably speedy by industry standards. And yes, we sort into categories based on the times of the day -- getting ready, portraits, ceremony, reception. Hope this helps!  8/22/15 - 1:27PM
Rachel W  Hi Melissa! I love this post, Speedy Workflow=Happy Clients+Higher Sales :) One question I had for you: I know that you shoot film a bunch now and I'm wondering how that affects your workflow with your blog and then album design. I know it takes a while to get film processed and scanned, so do you pay extra to get that film over-nighted and expedited in order to go on with the rest of your work flow? I know that with some of the film scans I've gotten back, there are some images I love, so I would hate to not include that in the blog and the album design. But, I definitely wouldn't want to keep a client waiting too long either. What do you do? I also love the idea of sending the client the initial album design before releasing the gallery! Awesome! And another quick question: When your office manager sorts all of the images for the gallery, is it sorting them in diff. categories like 'getting ready', 'bridal portraits', 'ceremony' etc? Thanks! I'm looking forward to more of your awesome posts!!!! :)  8/19/15 - 6:09PM