Melissa Jill  Hi CheriAnn! Great question! Yes, that does happen sometimes. I am committed to making each album perfect for the client, so I always do my best to meet their design requests, but the incentive discounts I offer in conjunction with an upsell are only available if they purchase all of the additional spreads. So if they combine spreads or delete any, they would no longer be able to take advantage of the discount. I talk more about the incentives and discounts I offer in this post: I hope that makes sense!  10/3/16 - 1:23PM
CheriAnn  Do you ever have the client ask if you can combine some of the spreads? So that they keep some of the pics they don't want to part with but don't have to pay as much extra? I know that kills the idea of upsell - but I can imagine some clients asking about it. How do you address that?  9/30/16 - 11:28PM
Melissa Jill  Hey Jessica! I totally agree! I would never want to surprise them with something like this. That’s why it’s really important when you are up-selling to educate your clients up front on the process so they are expecting it and viewing it as a service you provide that is giving them options. You can read more about this and my other tips for up-selling the right way here:  4/22/15 - 12:40PM
Jessica Fike  I just can't get over the idea of "surprising" my clients with extra spreads only to tell them it's going to cost them MORE MONEY. :(  4/22/15 - 12:24PM