Jessica  I just read through EVERY single one of these blog posts and I have never been more inspired to start selling albums to my clients, with the help of Align's services for the design. Thanks for all of the GREAT material in this!  3/10/17 - 9:34PM
John Buzz  Well explained content. Thanks for sharing such an informative blog post with us.  10/26/15 - 5:28AM
Pamela  Very Nice post  10/14/15 - 8:50AM
Jannelle  I am looking forward to actually starting to sell albums after not ever really pushing it before. I know I have been missing out but thanks to Align I really can't wait to send them my photos for the design. I never wanted to sit at the computer and design the album. Thanks Melissa for the resource so I can get out there and shoot instead of work at the computer. ;)  8/15/15 - 9:59AM