Rebecca  LOVE THIS POST! I've been thinking about adding a clause with something along these lines..."Album must be approved or final changes made within two weeks of receiving the proof. If feedback or approval is not given, the album will be ordered as-is and shipped to the client. Any future changes will require a full redesign and purchase of a new album at the current rate."  9/30/16 - 5:06PM
Jennifer  ha! This is perfect! I just had this happen this week. They hadn't approved their album for months and I need to get it off my computer to move on. I sent them an email saying if not approved it would be a fee to bring it out of archives. Then, BAM approved! I'm going to put this into my contract now. Thank you!  9/29/16 - 12:14PM
Abby SGrace  This is a phenomenal idea!  9/29/16 - 11:17AM