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The Benefits Of Offering Parent Albums

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wedding album and parent album

Hey photographers, it's Align founder and pro-photographer Melissa Jill here! Let's talk about something I believe every photographer should include as a part of their service and offerings -- parent albums! 
Parent albums are duplicate or slightly-altered copies of the main album you've already created for the bride & groom. While they usually have the same design on the inside pages, the size of the album is typically smaller and more light-weight than the bride and groom's album. If you are NOT currently offering parent albums as a core part of your photography packages, I would encourage you to do so!  
I feel strongly about offering parent albums for a few good reasons that can be separated into how they benefit not only your client, but also YOU!  
BENEFITS FOR THE CLIENT:BENEFITS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS:Pretty straightforward and hard to argue, right?  
Offering parent albums as part of your ever-evolving photography service is a no brainer and an instant win-win. Your clients will be thrilled to have the option to purchase something so beautiful and significant for their loved ones, the value of your service will increase with the additional product, and there's very little effort needed to bring in some extra income! 
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The Benefits Of Offering Parent Albums
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Blog post written by: Melissa Jill