Lovely Texas Wedding Album Design by Kortney Boyett Photography

Album Designs
We've got SUCH a pretty album design to share with you today! We're totally smitten with this album design that features Kortney Boyett's images of an amazing outdoor wedding. We especially love the huge Live Oak tree that was the centerpiece of the ceremony.  
Kortney is a fine-art wedding photographer based in Texas, and she's so good at what she does! We love the way she captured the deep connection between the bride & groom and the emotional moments of the day, while still highlighting the natural beauty of the setting! Her images are a joy to work with, and we think this album design does them justice! 
Here are some of our favorite spreads from this album:

Check out the full design by clicking through the slideshow below: 
Design by: Sarah (View More) // Design style: Classic (View More) // Blog post written by: Alaine
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Sweet Hilton Head Wedding Album Design by Dana Cubbage Photography

Album Designs

Although it may not feel like it everywhere in the country, it is actually Spring out there! Luckily, this album design for Dana Cubbage makes us feel all of the light and vibrancy of this fresh season! This album features a wedding on picturesque Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Dana told us that the bride's grandmother made her wedding dress BY HAND and documented the process with a little notebook full of notes and sketches. We're sure that notebook will be treasured right alongside the wedding album! The overcast sky made it a cool and softly lit day, which Dana captured perfectly!  
Dana is a talented wedding photographer based in Charleston. We love when she places a new order with us, because we know we'll be working with stunning images and a wonderful client! For this album, Dana requested our Culling Service so that she could send us more than 300 images and get our help narrowing them down to the best of the best. 
Here are a few of our favorite spreads from this lovely album:

To see some other designs we've made for Dana, check out this Charming Charleston Plantation Wedding Album Design and this Gorgeous South Carolina Wedding Album Design
And here's the full album design for you to flip through: 
Design by: Andrea (View More) // Design style: Classic (View More) // Blog post written by: Alaine
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Align Legacy Book -- Photography by Paige Vaughn

Album Designs, Align Legacy Books

We're so excited to share a new Align Legacy Book today!! 
This Align Legacy Book features a Texas ranch wedding photographed by the talented Paige Vaughn. Paige is an Austin-based photographer with a candid photography style and a cheerful, heartfelt attitude. We always love working with her and her gorgeous images! 
Paige shared some insight into how she keeps her album process streamlined: 
"I find it helpful to cull, edit and produce the full gallery for a client, then go through the gallery and flag "selects" to be used on the blog and their initial album design. That way I don't have to go through the gallery over and over again (which can be inefficient). I also pre-design albums for my clients, instead of waiting for them to choose their favorites -- we all know it can take clients weeks or months to choose images! Pre-designing reduces the time between designing and printing, which frees up my time to do other things! 
Album design can be a very time consuming process. While I love everything in my business to have a personal touch, it's SO nice to just choose the photos to be included, and then let the experts at Align create a design that tells the story best. I used to find myself getting so caught up in the details! It's so helpful to have someone removed from the wedding create an album design that's concise, beautiful and a true keepsake. I do handle the communication between my clients and Align, but it's nice to know if I ever wanted my Align designer to handle the back and forth, they could do that, too."
      --Paige Vaughn
We're so grateful that Paige sent us the following photographs of her finished 10x10 Align Legacy Book! This album has a Metropolitan colored linen cover with a cameo photo. The interior contains 16 spreads of our thin-page paper.  
Check it out below!

To see another design we've created for Paige, check out this beautiful Align Legacy Book Design
And if you'd like to flip through the whole album design, click through the slideshow below! 
Design by: Kari (View More) // Design style: Classic (View More) // Blog post written by: Alaine
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How to Manage Your Clients' expectations for album length

Tips & Tricks

photo by Deborah Zoe Photography 
Hey guys! Align owner and pro photographer Melissa Jill here! It's safe to say that a client's wedding album is likely the first experience they've had with album design. They are relying on us, their photographer, for guidance throughout the process. I've found that it's key to manage their expectations early on -- starting with the initial client meeting before they even book me -- so that the album process is smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved. 
There are many aspects in which to educate our client, but one that is key, is how many images they can expect to have in their album for the price they are paying. We as photographers are paying for an album based on the number of spreads or pages that are included. But the client is usually most concerned about the number of images and we need to make sure we are speaking their language but also covering our costs. This can be tricky! If we only talk about the number of spreads that are included in their album, the client will likely want to cram as many images as possible into the spreads allocated to them. And we all know -- this makes for a messy, cluttered, and less-than-ideal design. 
This is how I've solved this issue and how I have learned to successfully manage my clients' expectations: The album I include in all of my packages includes 17 spreads (34 pages). I inform clients of this up front in the initial client meeting and let them know that with our design style, the 17 spreads will contain approximately 75 images. By defining the length of the album by spreads with an approximate number of images attached to it, I'm not tied to cramming a set number of images into a design. Our estimate of 75 images for 17 spreads is on the low end of the spectrum, so we generally end up with more than 75 images in the design and the client's expectations are exceeded. 
Below is a helpful guide for estimating the number of images per spread that are included in Align's various design styles
Classic Design Style: an average of 5 images/spread 
Styled Design Style: an average of 5 images/spread 
Simple Design Style: an average of 2-3 images/spread 
We can of course customize for you and include more images per spread on average, but this is our ideal recommendation for a stunning design.  
Regardless of which album design style you use, it is always wise to educate your clients up front on album length in a way they can easily understand (approximate number of images) while at the same time pricing your albums in a way that covers your costs (per spread). 
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How to best manage your clients' expectations for how large their wedding album will be.
And exciting news! If you're a photographer who wants to start offering albums without investing hours of guesswork and trial and error -- we have a solution for you! Check out the Album Start-Up Kit and start maximizing your profit today! 

Blog post written by: Melissa Jill
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Whimsical Portland Wedding Album Design for Jane & Co. Photography

Album Designs
The wedding in today's featured album is SO. MUCH. FUN. And we think the album design does it justice! Monica with Jane & Co. Photography did a stunning job of capturing this wedding, which was packed with delightful details! Monica told us, "I felt like Anri & Chris included every single Portland staple in their wedding day! Your Perfect Bridesmaid in Portland, Oregon ran the whole day, and there wasn't a dull moment. They had the Portland Llamas, he played the ukulele during the ceremony, they had a doughnut wall with Blue Star Donuts, Salt & Straw ice cream ... It was by far the most entertaining wedding I've ever shot!" 
Not only was it a fun wedding day, but it was a beautiful one, too! The album really shows off the way Portland based film + digital hybrid photographer Monica Martinez of Jane & Co. Photography captured the emotions and details of the day. We love how it turned out! Here are a few of our favorite spreads from this album:

To see another design we've created for Monica, check out this Align Legacy Book Design that she uses as a sample album. 
To view the full album design (including llamas), click through the slideshow below:  
Design by: Kari (View More) // Design style: Classic (View More) // Blog post written by: Alaine
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