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4 things to do with old sample albums

Tips & Tricks

You updated your sample album. You realized that one of these 4 indicators that it was time to update your sample album applied to you.  
AWESOME! You rock! 
Now...what to do with the old samples?  
We've got 4 ideas for you! 
1 - Give them to the venue 
If the wedding took place at a venue at which you would love to work again, gift them to the catering manager in charge! They will enjoy showing them off to all the couples who come through who are considering that venue, so it's great exposure for you! And it will be an amazing gift to them to be able to show potential clients what their space looks like in photos! 
2 - Give them to your clients 
If you have a relationship with your clients who are featured in your sample album, it would be such a blessing to them to receive your sample album as a gift! I recently retired from shooting weddings to focus on Align, and had the pleasure of gifting two sample albums to my clients-turned-friends, Murphy and Alexis. This is them:

These two got married in the Dominican Republic and I loved their wedding and images so much that I created two Queensberry sample albums using them! They are pictured at the top of this blog post. Before we moved from Phoenix to Alabama, my husband and I had Murphy and Alexis over and after dinner, I surprised them. Here is a video my husband tried to capture on the sly so as to not raise suspicions -- haha! 
Ahh!! I love them! That was so fun!! 
3 - Save them 
If neither of the above seems like a feasible option, you may consider saving your old sample albums as memory markers of your journey and how far you've come. Store them somewhere cool and safe and break them out in the future for a fun walk down memory lane! 
4 - Toss them 
This option makes me a little sad, so I'm hoping one of the above options works for you. But if all else fails, tossing them is an option as well. As long as you have great photos of them, it might make more sense to let them go rather than have them take up valuable storage space. 
What other ideas do you have? Is there anything I'm missing? If so, I'd love to hear from you in the comments!
Blog post written by: Melissa Jill
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