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Classy Country Club Wedding Album Design for Caroline Talbot Photography

Album Designs
Today we're excited to feature an album design we made for Massachusetts-based photographer Caroline Talbot! You may remember Caroline from when we featured her album workflow in this blog post. Here's an excerpt: 
"While there is a ton of software that can easily create layouts for me, I could never quite seem to end up with a design I loved. When I realized I hated designing albums, regardless of how easy the software is, I started outsourcing to Align Album Design. I would much rather spend that time shooting or with family. It's 100% worth it for the time I save alone. One of my favorite parts of Align is that they're so easy to communicate with and are always ahead of their promised deadlines! I also love knowing I can work with the same designer if I choose! Shannon is amazing at knowing exactly which images will fit perfectly together for that wow factor for an amazing album!"
-- Caroline of Caroline Talbot Photography
Today's featured design contains Caroline's beautiful images of a classy country club wedding. Caroline even sent us a few photos of the finished Leather Craftsmen split edition album! Super cool! Check it out below...

And here's the full album design for you to click through! 
Design by: Shannon (View More) // Design style: Classic (View More) // Blog post written by: Denise
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