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Align Legacy Book -- Photography by Nicole Amanda Photography

Album Designs, Align Legacy Books

We have two awesome things to share with you today and they both come from Nicole Amanda Photography! A couple of months ago, Nicole purchased Align's Album Start-Up Kit as a way to power up her album game and we're excited to show you what she's done with it so far! 
1. First off, she created a blog post called The Heart Behind Albums: The Ultimate Fight Ender & Heirloom in which she shares her passion for albums with her clients. The website verbiage included in the Album Start-Up Kit helped Nicole write the body of the post in a personal and non-salesy way. She was able to customize our sample text and truly make it her own! The photographs sprinkled throughout her post come from the set of the 180 stock photos we include in the kit. Plus, the video she embedded in her post is an additional tool you can buy on our Resources page. We absolutely love that Nicole now has this webpage to direct future clients to whenever they inquire about albums!

"The Start-Up Kit is literally all you'll ever need to dive head first into album sales. I love all of the templates for emails back and forth and website verbiage! Buying the sales video is also a must! I literally cried the first time I watched it!"  
      --Nicole Salter of Nicole Amanda Photography
2. Nicole also has a brand new gorgeous sample album that came along with the Album Start-Up Kit and we're so excited to show off some photos of it below! This is a 10x10 Align Legacy Book with a "Ballet Slipper" colored leather cover. The Ontario wedding featured inside has a blush color scheme, so the Ballet Slipper cover fits that theme nicely. The interior contains Nicole's stunning images printed on 15 spreads of our thick-page paper. While the album cover that comes with the kit includes either a cameo cutout window OR two lines of text, Nicole opted to upgrade the album so that it had both. 
"These albums are so substantial and high-quality looking! In an era where couples can easily make their own photo books, I pride myself in providing a quality heirloom that they can't get on their own - and these Align Legacy Book albums are just that!"  
      --Nicole Salter of Nicole Amanda Photography
Thanks to Nicole for sending us photographs of her new sample album! Enjoy the prettiness below!

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And to view Nicole's full album design in its entirety, click through the slideshow below: 
Design by: Sarah (View More) // Design style: Classic (View More) // Blog post written by: Denise
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