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Alabama Country Club Wedding Album Design for Rebecca Long

Album Designs
We've been designing albums for Rebecca Long Photography since 2013, and it is always a joy to work with her! Rebecca is a wonderful wedding & portrait photographer based in Birmingham, Alabama. Her motto with clients is, "Relax and enjoy it," and it's apparent that the bride & groom featured in this album took that advice to heart! They clearly enjoyed every moment of their wedding day! 
Here at Align, we often advocate for photographers to choose album images for their clients and pre-design the album in order to speed up the process. Rebecca has a different strategy for keeping her clients on track: 
I do let my clients choose their own photos. After the wedding, I give clients a few weeks to get comfortable with their images. I then send an email letting the clients know how many images to choose and that, if they'd prefer, I can choose for them (which never really happens). If they choose their images by a certain date, I allow them 5 extra spreads - which is a win for everyone! This keeps my workflow moving along, awards the clients with some extra spreads, and gives them a nice album experience with a sense of control over which photos are included in the album. It also incentivizes them with a deadline, so they get to work on it fairly quickly. I do have some clients that can't quite choose, so they'll narrow down to several hundred. As long as it's under 300 images, I send those favorites off to Align to work with. The designer always does a great job narrowing down from there, and the client and I can always add back any images that may be missing from the overall story. We usually have the design finalized in one revision round with Align -- two rounds max!  --Rebecca Long
That's so clever, Rebecca! Thank you for sharing your strategy! Here are a few of our favorite spreads from this lovely country club wedding album design:

To view the entire album design, check out the slideshow below: 
Design by: Andrea (View More) // Design style: Classic (View More) // Blog post written by: Alaine
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