Cassie Madden // Sheridan, Wyoming

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Even as a brand new wedding photographer, I knew that designing albums wasn't my thing. I had millions more questions than answers with the process of even offering an album, and nearly chose to go the route of not offering an album EVER. Then, I found Align Album Design. It was just as they say, when you know, you know! And I knew that working with Align would be the only way I could offer a truly beautiful heirloom piece to my clients. From the first step, the Align ladies have been fun, patient, informative and truly so talented. Their designs are far better, their turnaround time much quicker, and their process much more streamlined than I could ever offer my clients. I have never doubted that this was the absolute best I could offer the brides + grooms I love so much. Even as my business has grown and I sell more albums to higher end clients, Align's designs have fit with my brand every step of the way. The choice to work with them has by far been one of the biggest no-brainer's of this roller coaster ride!