Sharon Elizabeth // Outer Banks, NC

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The first few years of my business, I TRULY believed that my clients didn't WANT albums... but the truth is, I hated designing them. I would drag my feet. When I started using Align, I saw a HUGE increase in sales and HAPPIER clients. Align is incredibly timely -- hands-down some of the BEST staff/support I've ever worked with. Do you know that my clients actually DO want albums.. in fact, they LOVE them!! From my boudoir clients... to my wedding clients -- Align makes providing them with beautiful albums SO easy for me! Can you imagine the thousands of dollars I missed out on because I wasn't using Align?!?! And, to be honest, it's not JUST about the money -- that simply helps put food on the table...  but it's about how from start to finish they make things SO easy for me... and ultimately my clients! Win-win!