Meet the Team

As a team, we design an average of 30 albums per week. That's why there are a lot of us. But just because we're big, that doesn't mean you won't get personalized service. We keep your design preferences on file so that your needs are met no matter which designer you are working with. And if you happen to fall in love with one of us, (which has been known to happen) we will do our best to pair you up with your preferred designer whenever their availability permits. We look forward to getting to know your quirks; roll over our faces below to find out ours.

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married to a hunky bald man who cooks, reality TV fan, loves board games, could live off sweet potato fries & Thai food, indoor plant enthusiast, trusting to a fault, thrives off of productivity, once caught on fire whilst photographing a wedding, crochets like your grandma

Melissa Jill - Founder, CEO & General Manager
addicted to chips and salsa, moonlights as a cycle instructor, once pet a manatee, has a genuine fear spiders will lay eggs in her hair, got kicked out of a posh Vegas club, mother/toy-referee/boo-boo-kisser/diaper-changing-ninja (to 3!)

Sarah - Designer
grew up on a farm in Minnesota, mama to 2 girls, Photoshop wizard, had a Star Wars themed photo booth at her wedding, can juggle, co-founded a fantasy league for ABC's "The Bachelor", loves to play volleyball, will always choose mashed potatoes from the list of sides

Denise - Designer
Align's only Canadian, loves baking but only does so while donning a super-cute apron, mother to 2 adorable boys, eternal optimist, thinks books are better than movies, talks excessively, married to a golf pro, loves yoga, lived in Spain but can't speak Spanish

Kari - Designer
former junior high history teacher, wears flip flops year round, gets too emotionally invested in books, quotes "FRIENDS" regularly, wife to a hilarious man & momma to 2 cute kids, homeschool mom who uses movies as a teaching tool, sincerely believes Dr. Pepper makes the world taste better

Shannon - Designer
mama to two bug-loving boys and a little girl that believes she’s a real princess, believes coffee is best with a splash of cream, distant relative to Ulysses S Grant, loves to be organized but doesn't like to plan out her vacations, wedding photographer whose happy place is Lake Michigan

Rachel - Designer