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Align Legacy Book -- Photography by Amanda Ly Warren

Album Designs, Align Legacy Books

Looking for album sales inspiration? If so, you've hit the jackpot today! We're so excited to show you two album sales tools Amanda Ly Warren has created. She has a beautiful album sales page on her website and she has a stunning new Align Legacy Book sample album to show at her in-person client meetings! 
A few months ago, Amanda purchased Align's Album Start-Up Kit to take her album sales to the next level and we've LOVED seeing what she's done with it so far! The kit encourages photographers to create a separate space on their website to share their passion about albums with their clients. The Heirloom Wedding Albums webpage Amanda has created (which includes stock images that came with the Start-Up Kit!) is out of this world, so you need to check it out for inspiration! This page is such a perfect way for Amanda to share her passion for albums with her clients!

"Albums don't just store photos, they store memories. Not only that, albums tell stories. Pictures are meant to be used, held and enjoyed. So albums are the perfect way in which to create a communal experience with your treasured photos. Besides, albums will continue to be great storytellers long after the Facebook "likes" disappear and the USB's get forgotten."  
      --Amanda of Amanda Ly Warren Photography & Fine Art
The other way that Amanda presents albums to her clients is by sharing her sample album with them during in-person meetings. We love Amanda's new sample album, which was also a part of the Album Start-Up Kit! The following are Amanda's photos of her finished 10x10 Align Legacy Book with a Carob colored leather cover with the couple's names debossed on the front. The interior contains 15 spreads of our thick-page paper. Amanda, thank you SO MUCH for photographing the album so that we could share it here! It's gorgeous! 
For more photos of Align Legacy Books, check out the Align Legacy Books category on this blog.

To view the full album design included in this album, click through the slideshow below: 
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