Erin Lindsey // Huntsville, Alabama

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I don't even want to know how many hours of precious time I lost during the first 7 years of my business because I wasn't willing to ask for help with my album design. When I finally decided to start outsourcing my album design to Align, I was instantly struck by their friendly, fast customer service and their easy, seamless process. Not to mention, their designers really know what they're doing and create the most beautiful designs! I love that Align has the option for "hands-off" service so that I can let Align's professional and friendly designers handle all of my clients' change requests. This means that I can truly let go and let the designers do what they do best without any worries while I spend my time enjoying time off with my family and friends. Align has taken such a huge load off of my shoulders over the past several years and I am so thankful for them. I wish I had started working with them sooner! My favorite part of working with Align: I was on vacation at the beach last year and got a notification that my clients' album had been designed and then promptly approved by my client all while I was relaxing with my toes in the sand. I didn't have to lift a finger! Now THAT is freedom!