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Baby Portrait Series by Jenny Lee's Photography

Album Designs
Look at that -- this little tyke is growing up before our eyes on the pages of this album thanks to Jenny Lee's Photography! Please, Jenny Lee, tell us you're continuing to document this cutie throughout his entire life! Oh, so you're not doing a 12 year series like the movie Boyhood? Okay, we'll just enjoy ooh-ing and aww-ing over these adorable photos from his 4 Month, 8 Month, and 12 Month photo shoots for now. But when you need an album design for this fella's wedding someday, you know who to contact! ;) 
Jenny Lee is a passionate wedding and newborn photographer based out of Gillette, WY who we love working with! She was even nice enough to photograph this album after she received it from WHCC. We love seeing how it turned out!

To view the whole design, click through below: 
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