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Hands-Off Service: Introductory Message

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in Align's Hands-Off Service! We look forward to taking some of the middleman duties off your plate! That includes the task of sending the album design proofing link to your client and welcoming them to the process. 
The following is our default template for that introductory message (which will be sent through the AlbumExposure interface rather than regular email). Please let your designer know if you'd prefer to add any customized bullet points to this list.  
Examples: describing the album size/type they ordered, rules/prices for adding spreads, deadlines you've set, etc. 

My name is (DESIGNER'S NAME) and I'm the designer for your (STUDIO NAME) album. Looking forward to working with you! 
To access the design go to: 
A few things to keep in mind:  
- If you like the design as it is, go ahead and hit the Approve button! :) Otherwise you can use up to (NUMBER OF ROUNDS, typically 3 minus any the photographer used) rounds of revisions. Beyond that, additional rounds of changes will be $50/round, so please use each round wisely.  
- To request changes, just type your comments in the boxes next to each spread. If you aren't quite ready to send your comments right away, don't worry, they'll be saved for later. When you're ready to submit ALL of your comments, push the "Post all comments" button and our team will be notified and we'll make the changes that you've requested.  
- Please provide specific filenames or image numbers when requesting an image change. Also please keep in mind that it's best to change vertical images for vertical images and horizontals for horizontals, otherwise the layout may need to completely change. 
Let me know if you have any questions! I'm excited to hear what you think! 
Album Designer 

Samples of customized bullet points 
• (If printing through Align AND using our COVER FINALIZATION service) Please note the very first spread in your design currently shows your cover options. Your package comes with ______________ (fill in cover specs ie. leather/linen/photo/up to 2 lines of text). On this spread, please leave a comment indicating the following: Which (leather/linen) cover material you'd like, which cover photo you'd like (image will be cropped square and inset), which font & foil color you'd like as well as the exact wording for (1 or 2) lines of text. I will then take your selections and mock-up your cover design for approval in the next round of revisions. (If there are any upgrades that you want to offer with pricing (i.e. package only comes with photo OR text, but they can have both for an upgraded price), please make sure to customize this text bullet to include those as well.) 
• While the album in your collection comes with ___ spreads, we ended up designing it with ___ extra to tell the best story. You can either choose to narrow down the layouts to __ by deleting or combining spreads OR upgrade your album by purchasing the extra spreads at $___/spread. If you wanted to purchase the ___ spread album as it is now, it would cost an additional $____ 
• While the album you originally purchased includes ____ spreads, we ended up designing it with ___ extra so as to make the best book possible. We can always bring it back to ___. No problem, just ask. :) For reference, each additional spread is $______.  
• Keep in mind that the finished album will be ___ by ___ inches, so the small images on your screen will look quite a bit bigger in person. The online presentation displays the design as if the book were open on your lap -- so what you see will be ___ inches across by ___ inches high. 
• The album will be ___ by ___ inches with thick board-like pages that lay flat with a fold (no gap) in the center for binding.  
• This album presentation will be available for ____ months or until approved, whichever comes first. (NOTE: Align is not responsible for enforcing this deadline, but we can definitely share the message with them up front). 
• Please approve your album design by ___(date)____, otherwise the base price of the album will increase by $______ at that point. (NOTE: Align is not responsible for enforcing this deadline, but we can definitely share the message with them up front).
Blog post written by: Denise