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Choosing your Align Legacy Book cover options

Align Legacy Books

There are a plethora of options for your album cover. You can choose a cameo photo, up to two lines of text, or both. Here are some resources and examples to help you make the best decision! 
Cameo Photo 
Our cameo photo covers include a photo of your choice that will be cropped square. You will be asked to upload the photo of your choice. If you are particular on how the photo is cropped, please make sure to crop it square before uploading. Otherwise we will choose the crop for you. 
Here are some examples of our albums with cameo photo covers: 
(Top: upright album Tweed leather; L album Metropolitan linen; R album Silhouette linen)

Above: Parchment linen

Above: Tweed leather 
If you opt to include text on the cover of your album, you can do 1 or 2 lines of text. We offer 6 different fonts to choose from** and 4 options for debossing color: clear, gold, silver, or rose gold. Click here to access our handy font previewer tool to try out your text in our various font options.  
** Please note that our Family Yearbook albums are a bit more limited. We only offer two font choices -- Cardo or Helvetica Neue -- and the engraving color will be determined for you by the linen color you select. In this case your text will be engraved in a contrasting color to your linen cover. 
Here are some examples of the various debossing colors (available for Wedding Albums) on our cover materials:

Above left: Cardo font on Parchment linen. Above right: Adelicia font on Eight Ball leather.

Above left: Euphoria font on Silhouette linen. Above right: Allura font on Yukon leather.

Above left: Euphoria, Cardo, Allura & Adelicia fonts on Eight Ball leather. Above right: Euphoria, Cardo, Allura & Adelicia fonts on Silhouette linen.  
And here are some photos of various albums that have text on their covers:

Above: Venus font in all caps clear debossed on Carob leather.

Above: Adelicia font with silver foil debossed on Cobblestone linen

Above: Adelicia font with rose-gold foil debossed on Indigo linen

Above: Cardo font with silver foil debossed on Metropolitan linen

Above: Allura font with gold foil debossed on Parchment linen

Above: Helvetica Neue font clear debossed on Carob leather 
We hope you've found this helpful in your decision making! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or in the comments below with any questions!
Blog post written by: Melissa Jill