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Glamourous San Francisco Wedding Album Design for Buena Lane Photography

Album Designs
Today's featured wedding album design is a STUNNER. It is 31 spreads (62 pages) and each spread has you more excited than the next!  
San Francisco based wedding photographer Eileen Roche of Buena Lane Photography likes a mix of our Classic and Simple design styles and so this design has a great mix of more minimal spreads with fewer images and then some busier spreads that capture so much of the flavor of this unique wedding day!  
The bride shares, "Derek and I are both half Cantonese and grew up in the Bay Area. We love our reception venue because we feel it is the perfect homage to our past and future. It reminds us and our families of banquets of the past (some of our family has quite literally been to banquets at the Four Seas) but the food is done is such a fresh, unique and California centric way that represents the way we love to eat as a couple. We love the colors, lights and lushness of the space (all that velvet!) because it does feel like such a nod to the richness of California Chinese culture and a departure from the blush and white tones of a traditional wedding."  
In addition to holding the ceremony on the grand staircase of San Fransisco's City Hall, they also had lion dancers welcome guests to the reception and tourists were stopping to take pictures and ask if celebrities were in town! A shout-out goes to The Framework Events and florist Bloomwell & Co for their amazing work on this event! 
Eileen had this album printed through Madera Books and used our Send-to-Print option to simplify the ordering process and send the final files directly from our proofing software to her printing company. 
Here are a few of our favorite spreads from this gorgeous design:

To see the design in full, click through the slideshow: 
Thank you, Eileen, for trusting us to be a part of your team!
Design by: Rachel (View More) // Design style: Classic (View More) // Blog post written by: Melissa Jill