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SAVE with new bulk pricing discounts!


If you're a regular Align client (or want to be!) we want to THANK YOU with a reward of up to 30% off future designs! For the first time ever, pre-purchased Align Credit is now available at a discounted rate! 
We offer three levels of discounts: 
10% Discount - Pay only $900 to get $1,000 worth of Align Credit 
Good for 111 spreads (or 6 average-sized designs*) 
You SAVE $100! 
20% Discount - Pay only $1,600 to get $2,000 worth of Align Credit 
Good for 222 spreads (or 12 average-sized designs*) 
You SAVE $400! 
30% Discount - Pay only $2,520 to get $3,600 worth of Align Credit 
Good for 400 spreads (or 22 average-sized designs*) 
You SAVE $1,080!!! 
Align Credit can be purchased on your Account Balance page after login or whenever you place your next order. Your credit NEVER EXPIRES, so if you know you will have a lot of album orders coming through your studio in the upcoming months and years, purchasing bulk credit is a no-brainer! 
Another great bonus of pre-purchasing is that whenever you have Align Credit in your account, it will automatically be applied to balances and deposits, saving you time and multiple charges to your credit card, and just all-around streamlining the process. 
Click here to login and purchase bulk-credit now in preparation for your upcoming season! 

*Based on an average album design size of 18 spreads. To determine how long the Align Credit will last YOU, divide the "good for ___ spreads" number above by the number of spreads you typically include in an album. That's approximately how many album designs you will get out of that credit amount. 
Note: Align Credit can only be redeemed for design services and cannot be applied to printed Align Legacy Books or products from our Resources page.
Blog post written by: Denise