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5 Tips For Easily Introducing Albums At Your Initial Client Meeting

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Hi photographer friends! It's Melissa Jill, owner of Align. I've mentioned before that an important part of getting clients to value albums is to share our passion for them at our initial client meetings. I've gotten some recent feedback from fellow photographers that suggests not everyone has confidence in exactly HOW to do this effectively.  
Today I am going to help demystify the in-person sales approach by sharing with you 5 tips for introducing albums at your initial client meeting. These are tips I use within my own photography business that have proved successful in getting my clients to see the value of including a wedding album in their photography package!  
1 - Connect with your clients. 
Connection is key! It is so important that, before anything else, you develop a warm and easy chemistry with your clients. Ask them questions! Get to know their story. Discover how they met and how they came to know they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with one another. Expressing genuine interest in your clients helps everyone feel more comfortable and relaxed throughout the meeting.  
2 - Show them your sample album.  
Before you begin discussing anything about packages, put the sample album in the hands of your client and mention "this is the standard album that comes in all my packages". As they page through the album, share what you love about it! Highlight various key aspects of the album such as the quality Italian leather cover or the beautiful lay-flat spreads. Your passion and excitement for the product will influence how your clients feel about it as well!  
3 - Keep them engaged. 
If pricing is brought up too soon by the client - just explain that you will definitely share your pricing and package info. But first, you want to make sure they have a chance to see and feel everything so that they can better understand the pricing when you go over it later. Keep them interested in what is in their hands.  
4 - Share your why.  
Share your passion for albums through your "why". Explain exactly how you have come to value albums and how, out of all of the products you offer, this is the one that you hope each of your clients will invest in. An album will stand the test of time like no other product will! This is also a good time to ask THEM about THEIR experience with albums. They may have memories of flipping through images from their parents or grandparents wedding day that create a feeling of nostalgia and affection.  
5 - Explain the investment.  
When sharing the different price points of each album option, really focus on how this is an investment in a family heirloom. Photos are meant to be used, held and enjoyed! So, although it is costly, it is an irreplaceable gift for not only themselves but also the generations to come! No USB or Facebook album is going to hold the same value as a custom, quality wedding album.  
I know we all want our clients to walk away from their wedding day with images they can touch, cherish, take out and look at. This initial meeting holds so much potential for them to understand the value of a wedding album in a whole new way. Hopefully these tips have helped make that initial introduction of albums in your client meeting a little less intimidating! 
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5 Tips For Easily Introducing Albums At Your Initial Client Meeting
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Blog post written by: Melissa Jill
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