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New Service: Cover Finalization!


You spoke and we listened! 
Here's how! 
On our order form, select that you want to print your album through Align (Check out our Align Legacy Books here for more info!):

On the same order form, select our "Hands-off Service"

And make sure to select "yes" for #5 -- Cover Finalization  
With this combo you get: 
With our NEW Cover Finalization Service (only available for clients who print through us AND use the Hands-off Service), during the proofing stage, the first spread of your design will initially include cover material and font options like this (will appear larger and more readable on the proof):

And we will email your clients instructions to make their selections through the comments. Once selections are communicated, your designer will replace that spread with a mock-up of the cover for client approval. Something like this:

Upon design approval, you will be sent the final mock-up and selections to enter on your print confirmation form. 
With this full-service combo, the only steps you will be responsible for in the entire album workflow are: 
1. Filling out the initial order form (2 minutes) 
2. Filling out the "Print Confirmation Form". We require this step so you can sign-off on the design before it goes to print, enter the cover specs that will be provided by your designer and submit payment for the printed album. (5 minutes) 
Here are your total costs if you go this route: 
Design fee: 
Hands-off service - $25 
Cover finalization - $10 
Printing fee: 
Use the pricing calculator at the bottom of this page to enter your specs and find your printing price. 
Shipping- $25 
To get started and experience the highest level of customized album service available, fill out our order form!
Blog post written by: Melissa Jill